Monday, 14 March 2016

Happy Pi Day

Today, I decided to celebrate National Pi Day and embrace both my inner geek and my inner baker. My parents looked really confused a bit when I declared pie for tea, until I realised they had misheard me and thought I'd said Thai. After that, they were all in. We decided on chicken and mushroom and it went down a charm:

Here it is, my lovely Pi pie. I think it came out really well! :)

I enjoyed a bit of detailed decorations on my pie this time too. Next time, I might have to go all out on the prettiness.

Mum and dad did some experimenting too with some pastry molds we found. There are some goldfish on that plate somewhere. And some Chinese symbols. I don't think they turned out very well.

My chicken and mushroom Pi pie was pretty awesome and super delicious. It further reinforces my love for hot water crust pastry, and builds my confidence with hot pies. So very happy. More pies soon! :)

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