Sunday, 27 March 2016

Purple Eggs for Easter

I decided that my Easter meditations would be expressed through a little craftiness. I really wanted try out some egg dying so I committed myself to purple first. I shredded red cabbage, wrapped a leaf around my egg and held the leaves there with some tights and then boiled the whole lot in a pan of water for half an hour. After cooling in the pan, here they are:

Look at my purple eggs! The one in the middle was a white egg and ended up more blue. The other two started out brown and dyed to look purple!

This one is my favourite. I tied a piece of fern into the tights. It's so delicate looking! I love it!

The effect on the back of the eggs were cool too, where I tied the tights with some string. Looks like a sparkler!

It was so deeply satisfying to dye these eggs I might have to experiment further, and get different colours. I know how to get orange, and red. I wonder how we get a natural green colour... hmmm! I want to try more! But mum says I have to wait because we have too many boiled eggs to eat at the moment, hahaha! More next time! 

Hope you all had a great Easter! :)

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