Thursday, 28 April 2016

5-Day Full-Time Auntie-ing

This time last week, I was coming to the end of 5 days of looking after my little niece. She can walk now, so my parents and I had a busy week chasing after a pint-sized person who wanted to put her finger in every tiny hole, and give every one and everything a kiss. Here are some of the photos my niece on holiday at my house:

We pushed some things around the house.

We went on some swings

We played with a rain maker.

We hung out in a big flower pot.

We beheaded some flowers.

We pushed more things around.

We ate a lot of a strawberries.

And we hung out a lot.

I had a great week with this little one. I'm really glad that she felt comfortable with me and my parents for 5 days, and that we were able to keep her happy and healthy. I feel so blessed to have had this time with this tiny little person, and every day I thank God that she's in my life. 

Come back and play soon, little one! Your Auntie Zan misses you!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Out Playing

Please excuse the silence on my blog while I am out playing with this little one...

She's keeping me very busy, More soon! :)

Monday, 11 April 2016

A Postcard Hoard

Today, I may have accidentally bulk bought postcards from a charity shop. I got them for a really great price and we all know how excited I am about using these!

There are 387 postcards here, and every one of them is different! I felt a little crazy buying all of them but actually, if there's 366 days in this year and I'm sending daily postcards... this is just what my year's worth of postcards kinda looks like!

So I think that I have the rest of the year's postcards sorted now. Actually, I may have enough postcards in my possession now for another year of this project, haha! :) In case you have forgotten, I have been sending a postcard a day since the beginning of the year and will be doing it throughout 2017. To visualise this project, I have created a map that now lives on a brand new page on my blog - click here! So excited to watch the map fill up with markers!

You might think that I'm getting board of the postcards, but I am not. I have had so many lovely interactions with people since starting this little project: friends whom I have not spoken to for a long time have gotten in touch; folks who I have never met before have sent postcards back.... it's been a lovely experience. I am excited to continue on! Hoorah! :)

Friday, 1 April 2016

Two Weeks in Five Photos

It's been a busy couple of weeks but I have taken out as much time as possible to have some fun. I wished that I didn't feel quite so tired by the end of the day so I could blog, but that's okay - I have energy now! Here are my last 2 weeks in 5 pics:

Here is a cake a baked for some lovely friends that I hadn't seen for a long time. We met up and had a good old catch up over some pizza and cake :) It was dark chocolate sponge with fresh raspberries and a vanilla buttercream :)

Here's me at Lincoln castle enjoying some sightseeing before hanging out with my old boss and my old boss' boss. It was great to see them and tell them about the adventures I have been on. I really have them to thank for where I have got to today!

Here is the first batch of dyed eggs I did shortly after I broke them all. I was all clumsy and sad which is why there is a much more cheerful batch of eggs on their own blog post here. The middle one here is the lovely one! :)

Ohh, and in celebration of Easter, I made my very own Hot Cross Buns. I kept seeing them everywhere in the supermarkets but I resisted buying them because I know I can make them myself. They were absolutely delicious!

And here is a beautiful goat that I met on a walk in the local valleys - hello! Look at that hair - is it okay to be jealous of that? We hung out for a while as the goat debated as to whether we wanted to stand on the mud or not.

It has certainly been a busy time but I'm making sure that I have enough play time. Now that I have more daylight hours, I'm going to plan carefully so that there's some good quality Zan time. Looking forward to more sunshine and blue skies in my near future - Spring is here! :)