Monday, 11 April 2016

A Postcard Hoard

Today, I may have accidentally bulk bought postcards from a charity shop. I got them for a really great price and we all know how excited I am about using these!

There are 387 postcards here, and every one of them is different! I felt a little crazy buying all of them but actually, if there's 366 days in this year and I'm sending daily postcards... this is just what my year's worth of postcards kinda looks like!

So I think that I have the rest of the year's postcards sorted now. Actually, I may have enough postcards in my possession now for another year of this project, haha! :) In case you have forgotten, I have been sending a postcard a day since the beginning of the year and will be doing it throughout 2017. To visualise this project, I have created a map that now lives on a brand new page on my blog - click here! So excited to watch the map fill up with markers!

You might think that I'm getting board of the postcards, but I am not. I have had so many lovely interactions with people since starting this little project: friends whom I have not spoken to for a long time have gotten in touch; folks who I have never met before have sent postcards back.... it's been a lovely experience. I am excited to continue on! Hoorah! :)

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