Friday, 1 April 2016

Two Weeks in Five Photos

It's been a busy couple of weeks but I have taken out as much time as possible to have some fun. I wished that I didn't feel quite so tired by the end of the day so I could blog, but that's okay - I have energy now! Here are my last 2 weeks in 5 pics:

Here is a cake a baked for some lovely friends that I hadn't seen for a long time. We met up and had a good old catch up over some pizza and cake :) It was dark chocolate sponge with fresh raspberries and a vanilla buttercream :)

Here's me at Lincoln castle enjoying some sightseeing before hanging out with my old boss and my old boss' boss. It was great to see them and tell them about the adventures I have been on. I really have them to thank for where I have got to today!

Here is the first batch of dyed eggs I did shortly after I broke them all. I was all clumsy and sad which is why there is a much more cheerful batch of eggs on their own blog post here. The middle one here is the lovely one! :)

Ohh, and in celebration of Easter, I made my very own Hot Cross Buns. I kept seeing them everywhere in the supermarkets but I resisted buying them because I know I can make them myself. They were absolutely delicious!

And here is a beautiful goat that I met on a walk in the local valleys - hello! Look at that hair - is it okay to be jealous of that? We hung out for a while as the goat debated as to whether we wanted to stand on the mud or not.

It has certainly been a busy time but I'm making sure that I have enough play time. Now that I have more daylight hours, I'm going to plan carefully so that there's some good quality Zan time. Looking forward to more sunshine and blue skies in my near future - Spring is here! :)

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