Monday, 2 May 2016

A Tale of Two Bakes


I've been wanting to experiment with baking for a little while now, and I took the opportunity while we had no bread at home to try some bread experimentation. All the recipes nowadays seem to try and help you shorten the bread making process but I know that flavour and texture comes with time. Having seen many cooking shows and knowing that bakers can't possibly be doing everything at the last minute in the bakery. I decided it was a good time to try this experiment. So I took a simple white loaf recipe, did the first prove as normal, and then left it in the fridge overnight for the second prove. I think it was a success - here was my handsome loaf:

The crust was crispy and lovely - I was pretty impressed with it.

It was quite a closed textured bake but light, and sweeter than my other bakes have been, even without any sugar added!

My mum and dad really enjoyed this loaf so I think it's safe to say that this loaf was a complete success. Knowing that I can prove the loaf overnight is kinda awesome - I can be way more flexible in my bread making. Yay for bread experimentation!


I thought it was high time that I learnt a new type of dessert and went with a lemon meringue pie. This always looks absolutely delicious in shops and so I thought it would be an excellent type of sweet try out. Here's my first ever lemon meringue pie:

It was a bit messy because my arms got tired of whisking the meringue a bit too early and it wasn't as aerated as I'd like.

There were some awesome layers though - meringue, lemon and pastry. Never tried sweet pastry before so this was also a great opportunity!

It was harder than I thought it would be (I don't have a food processor and usually hand whisk everything) but the outcome was pretty good I think. I shared it with my friends from college during board game night and they really seemed to enjoy it so yay! Having done the Bake Off Bake-Along with me for 2 years, it's been pretty cool to share these baked creations with my fellow baking friends. 

I was fascinated with the lemon portion of this dessert - who knew that cornflower and eggs could achieve such lemony goodness! And the sweet pastry - so lovely, light and crisp! I will definitely be making this again, hopefully with even higher, prettier meringues! Hoorah! :)

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