Saturday, 28 May 2016

Happy Birthday Little One

To my lovely little Niece,

Your Auntie Zan loves you a lot, little one. Thank you for playing with me on your birthday - I really enjoyed your picnic in the park, playing on the swings with you (over and over again) and watching you try and steal someone else's toy. We had lots of fun wandering through the tall grass when everyone else was having a nap, and you had fun clapping along to your own birthday song, twice! The highlights of my day today was when you had an affectionate nibble of your cousins's finger (I don't think he enjoyed it too much) and also when you ate and then rejected a spring onion. You were surrounded by lots of people who love you too, and it looked like you had an awesome day.

This birthday is special because it's your first, and your mummy and daddy have really been wonderful and brave in the 12 months. You don't know it now, but you were quite the crier, my little one. Your mum and dad deserve a medal for never buying a single pair of earplugs or sound proofing the house. Your aunties, uncles and grandparents are so proud of your parents for looking after you, and so very excited to be celebrating your first glorious year. I hope that I can be part of each one of your birthdays in some way as you grow up!

Happy birthday little one. Even though you are very little, you already have a big heart. I look forward to more adventures with you and many more smiley selfies in the future!

Much love,
Your Auntie Zan :)

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