Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Seaside Saturday

It has been gloriously sunny for the last few days, and like most other North West UK folks, my parents and I decided to go to Blackpool. We hit up all the charity shops during the cloudier part of morning before wandering the beach, just in time for the sun to shine through the clouds. A bit of fresh sea air is good for everyone, and this trip did all three of us the world of good. Here are some photos:

Here we all are. It's funny taking selfies with my parents - they're never convinced that it's going to work.

Here's my Dad, beach combing.

Here is mum, thrilled.

And here is the good ol' compulsory photo of the tower and it's surrounding landscape.

We had doughnuts, we ate whelks, we walked along the pier, we picked up sea ephemera... all in all it was a beautiful day to be by the sea! Hoorah!

Things might be a little sporadic on the blog front for a little bit. A lot of things are happening at the moment which are taking up not only my time but my brain space so that means I seem to have very little spare Zan left to blog. I will make an effort in a few weeks time when I go to Singapore (I was invited!) and HK (time for me to visit the family), but you might not hear from me again until then. We'll see. Enjoy these pics! :)

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