Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Happy Zan Day! :)

My parents celebrated my birthday today with lots of great food. We went out for some delicious lunchtime treats and then I came home to post. The most magical of all, my first ever delivery of flowers:

They were from my friends Ric and Rach, and they were a lovely surprise! Such lovely colours too - purple and teal! One of my favourite colour combinations! :) Yaaay! :)

Here is my birthday seafood bonanza which followed my deep fried oyster starter course. I feel like I have eaten my weight in ocean!

And here are the rentals - thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!

It was a quiet one but in many ways that was good! I have been far too busy recently so relaxing at home (and taking a meaningful break from work related social media) was really nice! I'm going to sit here rubbing my food baby for a few more hours and enjoy the rest of my birthday. 

A big thank you to everyone for their messages today - I felt very much loved! Yaay! :)


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