Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bake Off 2016 - Cake Week

Bake Off is back and has collided inconveniently with a rather uncertain part of my life. The lovely thing is that despite the uncertainty, Bake Off will be consistent, and awesome, and will give me a little focus while I contend with the rest of life. My friends and are going to be doing the Bake Off Bake Along, now in its third year (years one and two started with only a couple of us!). We're no professionals, but we are certainly enthusiastic fans of the TV show. Every week we select one of the three challenges to have a go at and as it is the first week, we have three cake based challenges to pick from: 1) drizzle cake, 2) Jaffa cakes or 3) Mirror Glaze cake.

The mirror glaze cake looked amazing so I wanted to kick start my baking adventure with something awesome so I gave it ago! The challenge basically asked for 2 genoise sponges, covered with ganache or butter cream and then finished by a shiney mirror glaze. I went with a vanilla and blueberry cake, which I had hoped to cover in a blueberry mirror glaze but alas! After trying 3 times, I wasn't able to make the glaze. A different problem for each attempt - I couldn't make it a) shiney b) set and c) smooth. Sigh.

So I've ended up with an excellent vanilla buttercream and blueberry jam cake, but unfortunately didn't quite manage the full challenge. Here it is:

Mum dug out a nice cake stand for my slightly disappointing but still pretty cake!

Mary Berry always says how nice it is to show on the top what you have in the middle, right? Hello Blueberries! :)

I ran out of ingredients and time to really try the mirror glaze again, but I am sure that I will go back to it at one point. Right now, I'm excited about moving forward from cake! Looking forward to more exciting bakes! Hoorah for the return of Bake Off! :)

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  1. Hmmm, I've never attempted a mirror glaze, but I have some random thoughts on getting the consistency you need, including using arrow root as a thickener (I'm thinking sweet and sour sauce is pretty shiny and arrow root is the thickener for this), or gelatine leaves to make kind of jelly that might set shiny. Looking forward to seeing if you can nail this with the blueberries! Love a good baking condundrum :-)


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