Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Finding Little Feet

A few days ago, I went down south to babysit my little nephew. He is at the point in life where he is literally finding his feet, and it has been fascinating watching him find out about the world. Here are some photos:

Here he is, getting acquainted with his Auntie Zan. Look at that hair!

He really likes books. And standing up. So here he is standing up and looking at a book.

Here we are, a happy morning selfie.

And this is a photo capturing a little boy and his carrot. He loved this carrot for some reason, and every time he saw one of us with it instead of him, he cried!

I had a lot of fun with my little nephew. I've worked out how to make him laugh now and it has a completely infectious quality! He can now crawl, which he doesn't really like doing because it means that he can't hold anything in his hands while he's on the move. Instead he will reach out to hold any willing hands and walk to different places because it's faster than crawling. Haha. His hair defies all the rules of physics and I love him so!

Going into this babysitting gig, I was confidence because of my week long experience with my niece, but I am still really glad that we got on well! We were both happy and well when his mum and dad came home, so all is good! I look forward to hanging out with my nephew again soon! :)

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