Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Happy Birthday Little Buddy

My dear little nephew,

Your Auntie Zan loves you a lot. Thank you for being such a lovely little boy filled with curiosity and joy. You are such a sweet little boy, tender and gentle, and always full of smiles and sincerity for every person you meet. You have inexplicably amazing hair that defies physics, and your feet are always sticky, but you are adorable and you have greatly enriched my life just by existing.

My little nephew, this has been a challenging year for your mum and dad - I think that they might have superhero status simply for surviving the last year. You haven't always been the best sleeper or eater but that's okay because now you sleep like a rock star and eat like that belly of yours is bottomless. You weren't totally enthusiastic about crawling either, but now you have a deft understanding of the difference between carpet and laminate, and how differently to crawl on each surface. 

Thank you so much for playing with me this year, for putting a fistful of food in my face and forgetting to let go, for letting me read you stories and turning the pages really fast. Thank you so much for being a peaceful, happy person. The world seems okay when I hang out with you - thank you for being such a calming influence on all of us. You may not understand any words yet, but I think that you know that we all love you very very much.

Happy birthday little buddy! You may be small right now but you have big things to give to the world. You've certainly taught me a lot already, and I look forward to discovering more new things with you in the future.

Much love,
Your Auntie Zan

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