Saturday, 6 August 2016

Picnic by the Sea

My friend Lee and I decided that it was high time that we had a picnic by the sea. Coincidentally, it was round about the time of my birthday so it was double fun! My friends J and Peki came over to visit from the Netherlands so we all piled into my car and we all zipped off to Formby Beach. Angry clouds loomed overhead as we drove towards the beach but a strip of blue sky in the distance kept us optimistic. Dry and lovely weather met greeted us as we parked up by the beach. I immediately took my shoes off and ran around on the sand.

Here are some photos:

Here was our picnic on Formby Beach. We had so much food.

We wandered along the water, beach combing, and enjoying the peace and quiet.

We found a little crab who was having a little adventure too.

We decided to explore the sand dunes too. They were incredibly sandy!

We found a load of red, dotty moths. They were so very cool. There were bees too!

Look at these trees! So straight and tall! All next to the beach.

Here we all are, a little further along the coast in Blackpool. 

A walk along the South Pier is incomplete without this photo :)

After fish and chips by the beach, we were given this beautiful view of Blackpool - a lovely end of an awesome day.

As always, I reflect on the amazingness of this group of friends. We were missing a few on this adventure, but together we've known eachother for over 16 years now. Our numbers of fluctuated here and there - and we now have people's other halves too, but it doesn't feel any different! Every time we meet it's like no time has passed at all. We are just as close as we were all those years ago when we hung out at college. It was so much fun back then, and it's so much now too! Except now we occasionally talk about politics. HA! I adore these wonderful people, so much. I look forward to the next 16 years! :)

An awesome day with amazing people. There was even cake - I can't ask for more. Thank you for an amazing adventure, and hoorah for everyone! :)

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