Saturday, 3 September 2016

Bake Off 2016 - Biscuit Week

After attempting and failing to mirror glaze my week one cake, I was pretty determined to do a good job for Bake Off's biscuit week. I chose the iced biscuit challenge because I've been meaning to try my hand at icing for a long time now so I found a reliable biscuit recipe (plus a hint of ginger) with matching icing instructions and I was away.

Half way through the challenge I realised that this is the perfect amalgamation of my love of baking and doodling and was enormously pleased that it was turning out well too! Here are my finished biscuits:

I was inspired by the rainy day we had today, and I think it turned out really nicely! I particularly love the blue raindrops!

I am so pleased with how these look. I might have to take a better photo of these tomorrow :)

Oh, I guess I should report on the biscuit itself too. Nice and crispy with a hint of ginger which sits nicely on the palette after the biscuit is gone. I think my oven is biased to one side which is annoying so there's always one biscuit which is browner than the rest, but hey, I can't do much about that!

This is my first ever attempt at icing actual detail. Previously I have just used shop bought roll out icing to stick on top of a patch of white frosting, which does the trick until you want waaay more detail. This method of decoration gives way more flexibility. I think there are going to be many doodle inspired iced biscuits in my future! Hoorah! :)

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