Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bake Off 2016 - Bread Week

As usual, I was really excited about Bake Off's bread week. There's something quite wonderful about making a loaf of bread from scratch. This time I opted to make a chocolate loaf (as opposed to the pan steamed buns or the massive plaited centerpiece) and just kept it simple:

Here is my milk chocolate and white chocolate loaf.

I got a nice rise on it and not quite the swirl I was looking for inside but it will do!

This didn't taste anywhere chocolately as I would have wanted, but I am pleased at how well it turned out. Especially because it was a really wet mix and got very very messy. I think I might try this one again at one point and refine my flavours. I didn't follow a recipe but I think it went well anyway :)

In light of recent news about the Bake Off I have no idea if this is the last time I will be doing a Bake Off Bake Along. But I will still bake, and that's for sure! :) Onward to a new week and a new challenge! :)

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