Friday, 23 September 2016

Bake Off 2016 - Batter Week

A little later than I'd like, I tried my hand at one of the shorter challenges of Batter Week, the first of its kind on Bake Off. Ideally I would have wanted to do the Yorkshire Puddings, or even try my hand at the churros, but since the doodliness of the technical really got my creative juices going, I went with that. Ladies and gentlemen - 12 laced heart shaped pancakes:

I went with one of my doodle designs. It meant that I spent a lot longer than I'd like directly over the stove. It took about 5 minutes to doodle and cook each one of these.

And here are all 12. I wanted to display them individually but there was no surface big enough!

These look good and actually taste nice too. The challenge wasn't hard but was like an endurance test. I got there in the end, am pleased with how uniform they look.

Ever since finding out that you could pipe patterns and shapes with pancake batter, I've been wanting to give it a go. I have my lovely friend Nancy to thank for this batch of pancakes because she bought be a squeezy bottle set for my birthday and at the time she thought it was the cheapest and most boring gift ever, but look at how well these all turned out! Yay! :) There will be lots of exciting pancakes in my future! :)

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