Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Bake Off 2016 - Dessert Week

I wasn't particularly enthused by this week's Bake Off challenges (despite how much I enjoyed watching the episode - edge-of-my-seat kinda baking!) but that's okay. It gave me a chance to think about what I wanted to do. The options were to bake a sweet roulade, marjolaine (kinda like a meringue based sandwich structure) and many mini mousse cakes. Because of my audience at home, the mousse cakes would have been a waste, and because of my lack of electric whisk, I decided to opt out of hand-whisking 10 egg whites, so I was left with the roulade.

I eventually researched a bit and made up my own recipe (which, incidentally isn't a roulade as I found out half way through my bake but more of a fancy swiss roll). I used a fat-less sponge (so I ended up hand whisking quite a bit anyway) with a lemon and lime curd filling. Feeling like I hadn't challenged myself enough, I decided to then smother the whole thing in meringue (my arms hurt now) and then baked it again.

This is what the inside looked like. Considering the fact that I did a really short roll, I got a nice roll on her. And it has plenty of my delicious filling. Oh my.

Here it is before I cut into her. It was only small, but straight out out of the oven, it was oh so shiney and lovely.

The flavours worked perfectly for this - the lemon and lime curd was deliciously tart, and the meringue was crunchy and sweet. I dunno if I really made a roulade, but it was fun inventing this bake. My parents loved it, and also suggested that I, instead of thinking up a way of storing it overnight, just eat it all. Hahaha. They are funny. I was tempted.

I think all in all, it was a successful bake. My arms have just started giving up on me, so I got a little exercise in there too! It was fun to talk to my friends about the bakes over board games a few days ago. One of them brought their roulade to the party and it was excellent! So grateful to have baking buddies during this time - looking forward to the next challenge!

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