Friday, 21 October 2016

Bake Off 2016: Patisserie Week

It was patisserie week and there were a lot of French words thrown around noncommittally but I guess we all have to get into the groove somehow. I had a choice between savoury palmiers (like flat twirly puff pastry things), a savarin (groovy cake of epic proportions) and Fondant Fancies (very tiny very slick cakes). I went with the last one thinking - this'll be interesting....

.... and it was! I may have made the least elegant Fondant Fancies to ever grace this earth. Ladies and gentlemen... my Fondant Frightenings:

Hahahaha, look at them! They are terrible, but absolutely brilliantly so! :)

The inside looked okay - I kept it simple and did vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream which is covered in a purple vanilla fondant and decorated with chocolate royal icing.

I honestly have no idea how to get those straight sides. The sponge just likes to crumble away under your fingers. It was a fun mess to make though and my parents thought it was all hilarious for ages. Now I've just invented some patisserie for halloween, I think. Stick some edible eyes on and everything can be a monster, right? :) Very delicious monsters :)

Anyway, more new skills tried out today. Won't be doing more dribbly fondant work in a hurry (side note: the potato masher was in fact very useful!) but it was a fun way to spend an evening. :) Wonder what the last week of Bake Off 2016 will bring me! :)

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