Monday, 3 October 2016

Bake Off 2016 - Botanical Week

I was a bit confused by Botanical Week, which was the theme of this week's Bake Off. Did they just want the bakers to use more fresh ingredients instead of processed ones? It did mean that there was a nice variety of challenges though - from the ordinary citrus meringue pie, to the crazy three tier floral cake. I went with the slightly weird bit perfectly achievable technical challenge - the fougasse. It is essentially a flat, leaf-shaped bread with a crispy crust - here is my finished bake:

Here I am, proudly showing off my loaf. I think it's a good size, right? :)

Here it is, a little closer. This was before I had brushed on olive oil and sprinkled a little salt on top.

In case you were wondering, I went with this recipe but amended it a little because I wouldn't have been able to eat two of these bad boys. Also, I couldn't find any sage, so my herby fougasse only has rosemary and thyme in. It tasted really yummy - crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, and had a buttery flavour to it, despite not having any! I will be making these again! :)

I like all these little baking challenges. Maybe after Bake Off ends, I'll have to just outsource my baking challenges to the general public to keep me baking! :) Interesting idea! :)

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