Monday, 17 October 2016

Curious Little Eyes

The moment I walked into your house, you started crying. This was not a cry of fear, nor a cry of pain. No, this was a territorial cry. What is this lady doing in my house?. I hovered at the doorway for a little while. Look my shoes off and exchanged pleasantries with your mum from as far away as possible. I didn't mind - this is your house after all and I was a new guest, of course you were upset by it. You didn't invite me round: we haven't even met before. Your reservations about me being in your space was completely normal and I apologised for a little while.

You couldn't stop looking at me. Even through the crocodile tears, the curiosity inside of you wouldn't let you stop staring. Who is this lady? What does she want? Why is she in my house? You eventually stopped crying but you were still suspicious. I kept my distance but crept a little closer, all the while talking to your mum. You held your mum tight, and your favourite ball tighter. You didn't want to take away your two most favourite things. And that's okay, I was only there to say hello, to meet you for the first time and to play a little.

Your mum set you down in front of me and you were skeptical. You just stared and stared and stared. I knew that you must have gotten used to me when you passed me your favourite ball and didn't cry. You stared, surprised but not sad. You stared too when I gave it back. I read you a story and you sighed at the end of every page - you seem to love stories but are quite worried about how they end. And with every page you turned to look at me, as if to check that I was still there, eventhough I was sitting right in front of you. Eventually you let me touch you, and move you so you were sitting on my lap. We read some books together and at the end of each page you sighed, and then turned to check that I was still me. I'm glad you checked for me, because I certainly forgot to!

After a little while I think you must have gotten used to me. You let me hold you and had a little giggle and a dance. I picked you up and we went to the window. You waved your arms about and pointed at the ducks outside. You looked so happy for a few moments and seemed check to see if I was smiling too. Even while you were having your milk, you wanted to make sure I was still around, peeking around your milk bottle every few minutes to make eye contact. You are definitely a curious little one.

When you woke up after your nap, you had forgotten that I was there and one single tear seeped out of your left eye. Naps do that sometimes to little people: it's like a restart button. I knew that already so I kept my distance, but it didn't take long for you to warm to me again. You sat in front of me and stared and stared. Sometimes you reacted to my facial expressions and voice, sometimes you were just completely fascinated that I existed. I'll be honest with you, I'm flattered that you find me so interesting!

You waved goodbye when it was time to go, without breaking that gaze of yours. I had a lot of fun and it was lovely to meet you! You are a curious little one and I hope that your desire to find out more about the world will stay with you as you grow up. I look forward to hanging out with you again, little one, so we can stare at eachother again soon!

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