Monday, 10 October 2016

On Playing Games and Doing Nothing

My friend Ric came to visit from Guernsey, so quite naturally, my college friends and I had to gather and have a giggle. Since it's the middle of Bake Off season, we also brought an abundance of baked goods to share together and it was spectacular. I brought a pie - can you tell what's inside it?

Mary Berry always says to indicate what is inside the pie, on the outside. Is it clear enough? :)

We also played loads of board games and card games. When I say that we played these games, what I actually mean is that I laughed a lot, maybe so much that I cried on several occasions and then also broke out into a fight with someone half way through over a wooden totem (Jungle Speed). It was an awesome night with some amazing people and a bunch of brand new hilarious games. Fantastic.

The next day, Ric and hung out again. It was lovely to be out of the house, computer-free and also carefree for a few hours. We talked, we doodled, we wrote, we wandered... it was nice. I've missed having Ric around, but I'll be going to visit him very soon so that's very exciting! Here we both are, hanging out:

It was a lovely, sunny day to be doing not much else apart from being :) Thanks for a lovely day, Ric! :)

I needed a day like this. It's been a bit full on recently - it seems like September and October are months were a lot more meet ups happen. It was nice to just laugh and be. I feel like I've laughed enough to refill my internal smile jar so I can keep on going. It feels good.

Onwards and upwards... or maybe sideways to another blogpost! :) Bloop!


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