Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas 2016

This year was the year we realised that none of our houses could possibly accommodate the entire family for Christmas. As the family grows, I guess this problem was bound to happen - it's a happy problem, but a problem nonetheless. True to form, the Law Family dealt with it in style so we rented a big house - actually three houses which were stuck together - to fit 9 adults and 2 busy toddlers for one festive long weekend. Here are some photos:

Here's the group Christmas photo! My sister, dad, brother-in-law, mum, sister's mother-in-law, sister's father-in-law, me, my brother and my sister-in-law

We had a sweet set up there - with a mezzanine floor which overlooked the biggest common area.

Here are the little people, my niece and nephew. They are both super busy little walkers now.
Here's my little nephew. We were enjoying some outside time, running around in the field outside. Lots of laughing and squealing - so much joy in this little person! :)

Here he is, the little sweetie.

Here is my little niece. She really likes her hat. This was 7am and she wanted to wear her hat and take a photo with bunny.

Here she is a little later on for some outside time with Auntie Zan. There's the hat again! :)

One more photo of the two of them. They are such funny little people :)

I had an amazing getaway with the family. Relaxing and spacious, with no real responsibilities apart from to eachother and no real internet connection either! With two little people in our lives, there's so much more joy and laughter too. There's nothing quite like hearing their little voices, and getting a tiny hug filled with happy. I'm really grateful for this chance to gather and feel incredibly blessed. I hope to hang out with everyone again soon! 

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