Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Our PM Office Christmas Party

I met with my college friends, the wonderful PMs for another awesome Christmas. This will make it officially 16 years of Christmasses that we have celebrated together which makes it half of my lifetime's worth of Decembers. And that's quite a lot.

This year we gathered at Shazia's place and we themed the food as the PM Office Christmas party. As it turns out, a lot of us have never been to an office Christmas party before: I've never worked in an office and everyone else just managed to avoid them. So here's what we got up to:

Clockwise from the top right - Pass the Parcel (Sprout edition); all our clues for Shazia's treasure hunt; delicious party snacks made by Shazia; me wearing 4 hats; and more delicious PM Office Christmas party snacks.

This is my team during the treasure hunt. We had an amazing time having no clue what was happening.

Here's the other treasure hunt team. They didn't find as many as us, eventhough we were mostly very confused.

Here is the host herself - hoorah for Shazia!

We played Pointless, and despite not knowing any answers, we still won the coveted Pointless Trophy! Hoorah!

And here we all are - PM Christmas 2016 photo. Aww. I look so pleased.

It's always so lovely to see my lovely PMs. Only three of the 6 of us still live in Manchester, but we still meet here every year and usually spend at least 50% of it laughing with or at eachother. As always, I feel blessed to have this group of friends and hope that we will continue to meet every Christmas for many years to come. I'm not sure that other office Christmas parties are like this but I definitely enjoyed my very first one - hoorah! Thank you for an amazing evening, peeps! :) Let's do this again next year! :D

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