Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Planes, Storms and Automobiles

I've been back from the USA for 2 weeks now and the scale of my trip has only just settled in. Okay, so it wasn't an around the world adventure, nor was it 2 months in a car, but it was definitely epic. Here are some photos in chronological order to help you go through this journey with me:

This is Times Square in NYC. I spent a week there with my awesome Mr E.P.

Mr E.P. and I made this rather awesome snow dinosaur during the first snow storm of this trip. Everyone, please say hello to Tiny the Dinosaur. 

Next I flew to Los Angeles. We were super busy there and it wasn't until the 5th day I was there that I realised I hadn't taken many photos. Here is a walk on the Venice beach before the Campference.

Here is the Playwork Campference on the first day. It was awesome - you can read more my thoughts here.

Here is the Campference on the second day - a rainstorm! There was so much water the streets turned into rivers and all the children could do was dance in it. I could have cried that day, but didn't - it all turned out okay!

Here is the Campference on the third day and this is one of my favourite photos of this trip. So much awesome: so much play.

Here is a walk on the beach after the Campference. Not so warm here - but we are happy! So pleased to spend time with Morgan and Andy!

After LA, we drove to San Francisco for a workshop and Pop-Up.

We were only there for a short time but we managed to sneak in a little bit of tourism.

I had a break from work after that and hung out with Mr E.P. We didn't do much and this is probably my most interesting photo - an old bit of hive!

Refreshed, I flew to Chicago to meet Morgan where we looked out onto Lake Michagan and found out that we won an award! It was a very surreal moment which we will never forget.

We ran a workshop in Evanston, IL where the adults really got into their play.

We hung out with some lovely people and this young man and I did a lot of adventuring by the lake.

Morgan and I then drove to Springfield, IL where we did a keynote to 300 librarians, and then borrowed a lot of their spoons to play with. It was amazing.

And of course, I had to finish off the trip with one more snow storm. Two feet of snow happened overnight and I think that by the time I had gotten to this feat of weather, I had just stopped worrying and just started enjoying it. Here's me - happy! :)

During this trip I have been on 8 flights, driven 6 different cars, completed 4 presentations, experienced 2 snow storms and survived 1 epic rain storm. At one point, I looked around and started laughing at the sheer madness of it all. We did so much as Pop-Up Adventure Play, and I feel like I overcame a lot as Zan. And it was so great to be able to share the adventure with some awesome people too. It was an incredible journey, and I am excited for the next one: Canada! More soon!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mother's Weekend

I am back from my travels (which I will talk more about later) and right in time to celebrate Mother's Day. My mum's been through a lot recently - and there's more to come too - so we decided to make a whole weekend of my mum.

On Saturday, we went for a walk around a local reservoir. It was a beautiful day and when we got there, we found ourselves transported to somewhere that didn't look anything like Manchester - it was a little breathtaking:

Here's mum and dad, delighted with the location for our wanderings.

And look at this! The stillness of the reservoir and the reflection of the blue sky. It's so beautiful, my heart could burst.

And here we all our. I'm clearly super happy! :)

Later in the evening we went to see Beauty and the Beast as well! A great film and an awesome end to a fun day!

On Sunday, we decided to make our evening meal interactive, so we did an electric barbecue outside! We have a little electric raclette (like a grill thingy) which we plugged in and enjoyed the first beautiful evening of Spring.

Here's mum, looking mightily pleased.

Dad was feeling a little silly - this was an awesome idea!

Isn't this a hilarious two-person meal photo? Haha. I was there too, I promise!

It was a beautiful evening and we had simple food, simply. With bellies full and moods happy, we finished off the weekend - happy mother's day mum! You are awesome - may there be many happy mother's days to come!