Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mother's Weekend

I am back from my travels (which I will talk more about later) and right in time to celebrate Mother's Day. My mum's been through a lot recently - and there's more to come too - so we decided to make a whole weekend of my mum.

On Saturday, we went for a walk around a local reservoir. It was a beautiful day and when we got there, we found ourselves transported to somewhere that didn't look anything like Manchester - it was a little breathtaking:

Here's mum and dad, delighted with the location for our wanderings.

And look at this! The stillness of the reservoir and the reflection of the blue sky. It's so beautiful, my heart could burst.

And here we all our. I'm clearly super happy! :)

Later in the evening we went to see Beauty and the Beast as well! A great film and an awesome end to a fun day!

On Sunday, we decided to make our evening meal interactive, so we did an electric barbecue outside! We have a little electric raclette (like a grill thingy) which we plugged in and enjoyed the first beautiful evening of Spring.

Here's mum, looking mightily pleased.

Dad was feeling a little silly - this was an awesome idea!

Isn't this a hilarious two-person meal photo? Haha. I was there too, I promise!

It was a beautiful evening and we had simple food, simply. With bellies full and moods happy, we finished off the weekend - happy mother's day mum! You are awesome - may there be many happy mother's days to come!  

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