Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Planes, Storms and Automobiles

I've been back from the USA for 2 weeks now and the scale of my trip has only just settled in. Okay, so it wasn't an around the world adventure, nor was it 2 months in a car, but it was definitely epic. Here are some photos in chronological order to help you go through this journey with me:

This is Times Square in NYC. I spent a week there with my awesome Mr E.P.

Mr E.P. and I made this rather awesome snow dinosaur during the first snow storm of this trip. Everyone, please say hello to Tiny the Dinosaur. 

Next I flew to Los Angeles. We were super busy there and it wasn't until the 5th day I was there that I realised I hadn't taken many photos. Here is a walk on the Venice beach before the Campference.

Here is the Playwork Campference on the first day. It was awesome - you can read more my thoughts here.

Here is the Campference on the second day - a rainstorm! There was so much water the streets turned into rivers and all the children could do was dance in it. I could have cried that day, but didn't - it all turned out okay!

Here is the Campference on the third day and this is one of my favourite photos of this trip. So much awesome: so much play.

Here is a walk on the beach after the Campference. Not so warm here - but we are happy! So pleased to spend time with Morgan and Andy!

After LA, we drove to San Francisco for a workshop and Pop-Up.

We were only there for a short time but we managed to sneak in a little bit of tourism.

I had a break from work after that and hung out with Mr E.P. We didn't do much and this is probably my most interesting photo - an old bit of hive!

Refreshed, I flew to Chicago to meet Morgan where we looked out onto Lake Michagan and found out that we won an award! It was a very surreal moment which we will never forget.

We ran a workshop in Evanston, IL where the adults really got into their play.

We hung out with some lovely people and this young man and I did a lot of adventuring by the lake.

Morgan and I then drove to Springfield, IL where we did a keynote to 300 librarians, and then borrowed a lot of their spoons to play with. It was amazing.

And of course, I had to finish off the trip with one more snow storm. Two feet of snow happened overnight and I think that by the time I had gotten to this feat of weather, I had just stopped worrying and just started enjoying it. Here's me - happy! :)

During this trip I have been on 8 flights, driven 6 different cars, completed 4 presentations, experienced 2 snow storms and survived 1 epic rain storm. At one point, I looked around and started laughing at the sheer madness of it all. We did so much as Pop-Up Adventure Play, and I feel like I overcame a lot as Zan. And it was so great to be able to share the adventure with some awesome people too. It was an incredible journey, and I am excited for the next one: Canada! More soon!

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