Saturday, 15 April 2017

Little Visitors

We stood at the door and waved goodbye to my nephew, my sister and brother-in-law, signifying the end of two very busy weeks in my house. I'm typing this as I get ready to go to bed, exhausted!

Week 1
My little niece came to visit me with her mum and for a few days, her dad too! We ate a lot, ran around a lot, did all the stairs multiple times, went for a lot of walks and argued over clothes a lot. She's using so many words now and it's so very wonderful to hear her shout "DAN!" knowing that she's asking for me!

Here she is, wearing a shirt I bought for her!

Here she is, looking at Auntie Dan and wearing the shirt that took us an hour to get on her.

Week 2
The second week brought my little nephew with his mum, and also for a few days, his dad too! We played a lot, talked a lot, did the stairs a lot, talked some more and found a new favourite TV show together. There are so many words now for this little boy, in both Chinese and English! His version of my name is "THAN!" and it makes my heart sing so!

Here is a very thoughtful photo of my little nephew. Always very focused.

Here we are, having a whale of a time as usual!

Having them around has been a great blessing to me. It's been a tough couple of weeks for us as a family so having these two little people around, giving me random objects, little hugs and the occasional snotty kiss has been fabulous. Their little voices great relief in a time of big feelings, keeping us all grounded and seeing the positives in life. Hope to see you little people again very soon, your Auntie Dan/Than loves you so!

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