Friday, 19 May 2017

(Almost) 12 hours in Brussels

"What are you doing on 18th May?"

Now, there are only a few people in my life that I would happily entrust an entire one of my days to, especially because I am insanely busy most of the time. But my friend Andy is a person that I know I can trust a day to, and it just so happened that I was in fact free that day.

"Nothing" I typed, as I walked from my car to meet some friends. "You want to fill my day?"

About 20 minutes later we had booked flights to Brussels for one glorious day trip. It was a super cheap flight, at reasonable times of the day, and we are both experienced travelers so... it seemed silly not to really.

So yesterday, at 6am Andy and I yawned a greeting to eachother and set off to the airport. Here's what we got up to, mobile phone photo edition:

Here I am excited on the flight to Brussels. Eventually I moved from this seat and occupied a completely different row with Andy and All Of The Legroom. Hardly anyone was on this flight.

I was so excited to be in Brusssels, this was the first photo I took - the beautifully tidy streets of Brussels

Grand Place! The square that all the roads seem to lead to! It is embellished with gold, impressively tall and features some intricately designed buildings. We didn't go in to any of them apart from the World Heritage site one. And I'm still not entirely sure what it was about. Haha.

Frites! With a lightly spicy sauce. I've no idea what the sauce's name was but the combination was absolutely delicious. Could just sit and eat them all day long. No idea how they make them so delicious but Andy thinks that chip shop chips and french fries might have had a baby together, bringing the fluffiness of chippy chips and the crispy deliciousness of french fries in one delightful sauce covered package! :)

Tin Tin art! Lots of Tin Tin art everywhere. I'd forgotten that I used to really like Tin Tin as a kid.

Waffles Brussels. Covered in completely optional but quite important strawberries and white chocolate. Very sticky. Totally worth it.

Waffles not Brussels. Covered in icing sugar. Glorious. Icing sugar snow on clothes totally worth it.

Here is the peeing boy! Super small and crowded by loads of people! I still have no idea why it's so famous / popular!

We found some square trees near a statue of Elizabeth and Albert staring at eachother. There must be a story there somewhere.

The Royal Palace. Only lightly guarded. I clearly managed to book in some dramatic sky for this photo.

Weirdly enough, here is a peeing girl statue. Why? Who knows. Not nearly as popular as the peeing boy statue.

Here I am with Andy as the sun shone brightly on our trip. I think that's the theatre behind us. Super happy.

We found a secret viewing spot that looked far and wide over Brussels. So pretty, and so quiet - it felt like we were on top of the world! We even saw the famous Atomium statue from there.

Finally, some mussels. They were yummy. I may have eaten them at such a speed that Andy was mildly alarmed.

It was a long day but it was totally worth it. I had loads of fun saw so many beautiful things and wish I had a bigger belly to eat more food! It was pretty tiring, yes, but I feel like I had such a great adventure! It was really exciting to do something as mad as flying to Europe for the day and much needed too. I haven't been playing nearly as much as I should do recently, so this was a welcome break indeed! Delicious food in a beautiful city with wonderful company made this an amazing adventure - I'm already looking forward to the next spontaneous trip we have! 

And yes, I totally think it was worth just going to a city for a day - it was tiring but it was definitely a day I will never forget. Thanks Andy, for suggesting this amazing whirlwind adventure! :)

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