Sunday, 7 January 2018

Hello 2018 :)

I am working hard on being balanced. There's a lot to be doing and not really much time: a lot of tension and an already heavy heart.

So I have started something new! For the last 7 days in an interesting new rhythm has developed. I work for a couple of hours, then walk for an hour, before going back to work. That one hour's walk - come rain some shine - has been a blessing. It was hard on New Year's Day (both cold AND side-ways rain) but I think I have it all worked out now. I have some brand new wellies and I am ready to walk. Here are some photos of some of my lovely walk moments:

When the light, a building and a frozen lake lines up for a shot.

I loved the frozen lines on this fallen tree trunk.

It has been so cold recently that all the puddles were frozen.

I met this lovely dude. He came to say hello while munching away.

I met this little guy too. I might have to go back and give him an apple.

Walks like these give me time to breathe. Even if the driving rain and wind throw my sideways, I know that they can be overcome. Or at least, there is an end to it, and somewhere safe and warm to return to. I like the forward motion: the constant onwardness of walking. It gives my mind peace and a bit of space to think clearly.

There will be many more walks in my future, a moment of glorious play to right my work hours. It's not a resolution - I know that this can not be an every day thing so I don't want to be sad when I skip a day, but it is going to be something I'm determined to preserve whenever I can. This is my play this year - hope you will find a way to play too.