Monday, 31 December 2018

My 2018 :)

Haha, so I didn't end up writing so much this year, despite promising to in the only other piece I posted this year. It's been quite mad, and if I'm being honest, it hasn't really been the best. When I wrote last year that it had been a rough year, I hadn't really thought on ahead to what 2018 might bring. There have been joyous moments this year that have made me feel like I'm flying: giddy-giggling like a toddler on a sugar-high... the family trip to Portugal, when Mr EP met the family, the Mancheste Bees.... But there have been moments too where I just wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there forever.

I am determined however that this isn't the type of blog that dwells on sadnesses. This is a blog filled with hope, and determination, and possibility. Yes, the year felt unfairly hard, but I am at the end of it and I have survived! I have learned things and I have grown - hopefully - into a stronger, better version of myself.

And maybe 2019 will be a much better year. Or maybe it won't. But the lesson here is that I will make it through the year and everything will be okay. I can do it.

So while I usually write a nice summary of my year which includes mentions from all the lovely people who feature in my life - my family, Mr EP, my friends - this year I'm just going to leave this short note here, accompanied with what I think is possibly one of the best photos of the year. I think this image represents me somehow - please enjoy it while I wander off and happily do very little for the rest of 2018. See you in the New Year! :)